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H1-B Visa Insight

Round up on H-1B Visa Application, Lawyers, Reforms, Transfers etc.

Satyam Employee Green Cards Under Trouble

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Satyam Computers Founder B Rama Raju has admitted to financial fraud in Jan and resigned as its Chairman on the very same day.

Now Satyam has approximately 11,000 employees working in the US of which atleast 7,000 are on H-1B Visa. Satyam's fraud admission has come as a minefield of fraud in its Immigration petitions. One should be aware that H-1B Visas and Green Cards are issued because the employer has shown his ability to pay its employees. However, post revealing of fraud and the US Govt deciding to crackdown on the H-1B Scam, most Satyam Employees whose GreenCard under process will be revoked for fraud [spare the employees this time, as they were unaware of the massive scam] Kindly note that even if you have I-140 approved, chances of it being revoked is extremely high.

New York-based attorney Danielle Rizzo said,
USCIS regulations require that evidence of ability to pay be submitted in the form of audited financial statements, federal income tax returns, or an annual report filed with the SEC. Clearly any of these documents would have contained fraudulent financial information. It is not only the beneficiary's fraud that would invalidate a petition but the petitioner's as well.
We feel that the US Department of Homeland Security should pursue the matter of H-1B Immigration fraud seriously and clean up the entire system. If necessary, the H-1B Visa law should be amended to accommodate only foreign students with a Masters or Higher Degree from an American University on the recommendation of an American Professor after being placed in a Job. Your thoughts ?
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Indian MPs Push Extention of Stay

As the US President softly pushes for protectionism, several Indian MPs [Member of Parliament] have written to their External Affairs Minister seeking intervention on the recent H-1B Visa investigations nailing Indians and their companies.

It is estimated that 650,000 Indian immigrants in the US working under the H1-B visa programme. Also, there are 100,000 Indian students who go to pursue higher studies and are potentially looking to convert to H-1B Visa.

V Hanumantha Rao said,
It might lead to 30,000- plus legitimate companies shutting down threatening the future of more than 1.5 million qualified immigrants. This also means lower Foreign Exchange remittances to India.
The MPs are seeking extension of stay of laid off H-1B Visa Workers from current 30 days to 180 days so that they can land in a new job. It is still unclear if there External Affairs Minister, Mr. Mukherjee has written to the US Administration.
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Indian Consulting Companies - Modus Operandi

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is well known that many Indian / Chinese / Pakistani IT consulting companies in the US have shady H-1B Visa practices. The FBI in an Operation - Pacific Vision, raided Vision Systems Group Inc involved in undercutting wages and arrested 8 of its associates. You can see how badly Vision Systems has been paying Software Developers.

In one case Vision Systems went to the extreme of hiring a Pakistani Programmer and sponsoring him an H-1B Visa who has ended up working in Gas Station.

In the same operation, FBI has charged Pacific West Corp's Reddy and Chockalingam in mail fraud and wire fraud. According to us, this is just a tip of the iceberg, yes having closely worked with few hiring managers, we know how this ring operates :-)

Why such IT Companies Mushroom ?
Most of these companies hire contract workers on their pay roll. They pay only while the H1-B Visa holder is placed to work on a client's site. Rest of the time he is on something called "bench", popular term amongst those workers.

We have asked few hiring managers as to why they prefer outsourcing contracts to companies like Vision System, Digital Liberty Group etc they immediately responded - these companies can bring in candidates to work within specified budget, competitive candidates, get the job down and kick them out.

The practice is not just restricted to Indians but can be extended to say many Asian companies :-)
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